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  • Solid two-point headstock (Cat. II) incl. pivoting suspension by ball-hitch and roller
  • Chassis prepared for optional attachment of a lower hitching drawbar with ball coupler 80
  • Integrated two-feet parking jack
  • Maintenance-free liquid grease lubricated bevel gearbox, completely hardened Krone cam track Dura Max
  • Rotors individually protected from damage by knock-out clutch (front rotor spins faster)
  • Wide angle main drive PTO shaft, entirely reinforced drive-line
  • Drive train with freewheel
  • Cardanic rotor suspension incl. KRONE Jet Effect
  • 4 reinforced 10.5 mm trailing double tines per arm with big coil diameter
  • Tines assembled around tine arm to avoid losses
  • Side-independent work width adjustment
  • Swath width automatic system
  • Electrical, comfort rotor height adjustment of all 4 rotors (1 rotor is adjusted, all other rotors are adjusted
  • automatically)
  • Single rotor lifting
  • Rotor spring relief (front and back)
  • Tridem rotor running gear incl. 4 trailing guide wheels
  • Rotor tyres: each 4 x 16x6.50 - 8
  • Hydraulic transport running gear ensures transport height less than 4 ,000 mm, without folding tine arms
  • 4 warning panels as well as 3-chamber lighting to the back and positional lighting to the front
  • Hectare counter
  • Prepared for the optional attachment of a load-sensing equipment

KRONE Swadro 1400 Plus




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