New Tedder models to the range

Spelle, October 2022. In presenting four new trailed tedders, KRONE adds 9.00m to 11.20m models to its Vendro range. Available in the next season, the new tedders are badged Vendro T 900, Vendro T 1020 and Vendro T 1120 (two-point linkage mounted) and Vendro C 1120 (top/bottom drawbar attachment or three-point linkage).

Thanks to their two-point suspension system (three-point on the Vendro C 1120), the new models are also suitable for attachment to smaller tractors from approx. 50hp. As another plus point, all current Vendro models have the KRONE OptiTurn rotors as standard specification. This has the rotor wheels run in close vicinity with the patented KRONE OptiTurn tines for exceptional ground contouring. These 3D tines gather the material very thoroughly and spread it at maximum accuracy.

At the same time, the KRONE OptiTurn design translates into greater versatility by enabling owners to use the machines both for tedding and for turning simply by setting the angle of throw to one of four positions to suit individual applications. A steep angle results in intensive treatment whereas a shallow angle merely turns the material for faster wilting.

Furthermore, the new Vendro models score high marks in terms of responsiveness and operator comfort. Courtesy of sequence control, the double-acting folding system folds the arms and the running gear into transport / work position within seconds – a solution that cuts out the risk of operator errors and the need to release the arms mechanically via a rope.

The update also covers the transport running gear, offering more ground clearance in transport position and faster changeover rates now. As another practice-driven update, the lighting kit swings up during work ensuring the lights stay clean for road travel.

Border spreading is controlled hydraulically as standard on all new Vendro models and is operated from the convenience of the cab. The gauge wheels are operated by a central hydraulic ram on the border spreading control linkage. Thanks to rotor angles adjusting conveniently and infinitely variably from left to right, the machine can work uphill and yet actively counteract drift. This way, the forage is tedded in the best possible way even in the steepest of fields and across the full work width.

Tried-and-tested components

Like all KRONE tedders, the new models also have an entirely mechanical driveline. The driveline consists of the main gearbox with overrunning clutch, the drive shafts, the maintenance-free Octo Link finger clutches plus the sealed rotor gearboxes for minimum maintenance. All components are more lightweight for a reduced machine weight and extraordinary light pulling without compromising on stability and functionality.

Vendro C 1120 and Vendro C 1120 Plus

The new Vendro C 1120 is available with various attachment options: the standard way of attachment is a drawbar with 40mm hitch ring for top and bottom configurations. An 80mm hitch ball or a pivoting drawbar are also available as options. The Vendro C 1120 Plus model has a three-point headstock as standard specification.

Its wings are operated sequence-controlled from a single-acting spool for absolute stability on slopes. The Vendro C 1120 is fitted with 10.0/75-15.3 tyres as standard but is also available wider tyres (15.0/55-17) as an option.

The work height is quickly adjusted on a crank or hydraulically from the cab. The speciality on the Vendro C 1120 is that the chassis system uses the transport wheels as leading jockey wheel in the field. With the transport wheels running in close to the orbiting tines, the OptiTurn tines are firmly guided along the contours for an exemplary quality of rake and forage.

Another comfort feature of the Vendro C 1120 is the hydraulic floating system on the transport axle which is a standard feature. The intelligent weight distribution system ensures a clean and stable ride on the headland and prevents scuffing. For added operator comfort, the Vendro C 1120 is also available with a hydraulic curtain for tedding along boundaries; the unit is mounted on the right-hand side in the direction of travel.


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