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Each and every part of your machine is vital to its performance and therefore your results.


That's why we keep a large amount of parts in our depot and work hard to ensure your breakdown time is minimal. We work around the clock to ensure you get your genuine parts when you need them.

For KRONE machines, we are supported by over 10,000 line items held in the UK at KRONE UK in Leeds, with over 55,000 line items in our global warehouse in Germany

At KFS, we understand time is money, we know farmers need to rely on fast and dependable parts supply in the heat of harvest.

Operating a KRONE or LEMKEN machine and need to replace a worn or damaged part?

No problem, simply go to where you can find comprehensive catalogues that list all KRONE and LEMKEN parts. It's easy, simply enter the serial number of the machine in question and the relevant catalogue will open automatically. This is a swift and easy way to find the correct item number and further information on parts.

A few clicks will quickly find the correct part for your machine.


CALL: 01608 698886 select option 3


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