Year 2018

Technical data

  • Trailed rotary tedder with separate transport running gear
  • Work width 10,950 mm according to DIN 11220, Transport width approx. 2,980 mm
  • Weight approx. 1,770 kg
  • Number of rotors 10, 6 tine arms per rotor
  • PTO speed 540 rpm
  • Required hydraulic connection: 2 x DA

Basic equipment

  • Solid V-shaped two-point headstock (Cat. I/II) incl. pivoting suspension
  • by ball hitch and roller ensures optimum ground contour following
  • PTO shaft wide angle and PTO shaft with overrun clutch
  • Rotors protected from damage by knock-out clutch
  • Maintenance-free OctoLink drives between rotors
  • Sequence control ensures automatic folding of the rotor segments and the transport running gear
  • Rotor tyres 16/6.50 x 8, centric 18/8.50x8
  • Extra wide transport running gear with tyres 10.0/75-15.3 ensures high stability and extremely quiet running
  • Warning panels and lighting

KRONE KWT11.22 Trailed Tedder

Machine Type

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