Ex demo 240 CVX now for sale. Currently has 290 hrs as of 8/8/22

50KPH ECONOMY CVT50kph CVT (reduced rpm at top travel speed)

CLASS 4R AXLE7593644wd front axle with Active Suspension & Front Axle Brakes

BAR AXLE 98"Bar Axle 98inch

VF 600/60R30 ADJ RIMVF 600/60R30 on ADJUSTABLE RIMS. Available as Trelleborg TM1060, Michelin AXIOBIB 2, CONTINENTAL VF TRACTOR

VF 710/60R42 FX RIM710/60R42 VF Tyres (Very High Flexion) FIXED – available as Michelin
Axiobib 2 or Trelleborg TM1060 – these tyres are approved for high torque/load applications and are approved for 220hp

- Nav III controller
- 372 receiver EGNOS / Rangepoint RTX enabled
- EGNOS is free offering 30cm accuracy
- Rangepoint RTX offers 10-15cm accuracy and requires an annual

540/540E/1000/1000E ELEC SHIFT540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E PTO, shiftable by switch - 21 spline shaft fitted, 6 spline supplied loose.

FR FHPL W/FR PTO, FR CPS F/MMVFront Linkage & PTO with 1 x front couplers for MMV's
- requires at least 2 x Mid Mount Valves
- includes 3 & 7 pin electric sockets & external controls
- for front ISObus socket, use DIA 710060044

170 L/MIN PUMP170 L/min CCLS Hydraulic pump (with priority valve to supply steering circuit)

4 REAR ELECTRONIC REMOTES4 electronic rear remote valves (with configurable timer and flow rate functions - colour coded)

2 ELECTRONIC MID MOUNT REMOTES2 x Mid-Mount (electro hydraulic) - requires a Joystick for operation

APUH: WITH DRAWBARHydraulic push back / Auto Pick-Up Hitch with Hook & Clevis Drawbar

Case Puma 240 CVX

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